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Catherine Beltramini Profile

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Photographers often ask  how long does it take to earn a qualification with one of the professional associations?

 It is a valid question and is deserving of a quite detailed answer. Each candidate is individual, they all have differing needs and levels of expertise. This can be quite daunting for many, additionally, each association has different criteria.

I would suggest that this should under no circumstances be rushed, it takes concentration and skill in many aspects, the first is to take advice form someone who understands the requirement at each level. Licentiate, Associateship, and finally, the holy grail, Fellowship.

Honesty is paramount at this initial stage, be prepared to accept constructive criticism, it is in your  interest to listen to someone that you have faith in. How do you go about finding this required expertise, or a sympathetic person that will guide you through the process in the assembly of your submission?

 The different associations offer varying levels of mentoring for free as a benefit of membership, this advice generally will be limited access to the assigned mentor, after all, they have their own businesses to look after, initially it would be sensible  to enquire as to what will be included.

Take a look around and see a photographer that consistently demonstrates work that you are drawn to, for example if you wish to cover weddings or portrait work, it is of little value to see someone who specialises in commercial work.

If your needs are more specific, an in depth level of training,  coaching or mentoring is something you might wish to consider, alternatives could prove to be more beneficial. Personally, I offer a 1 day, three day, six months or twelve months. This dedicated and structured approach can be highly advantageous, you will not only have the best level of advice, in addition you will be guided through from start to finish and overseen at each stage on a personal level, in face to face meetings.

The service I offer is not just mentoring, it is a comprehensive in depth look at what you are currently carrying out in your own business, it will involve showing you how to create beautifully lit and well composed work, which in turn will lead you to create your own signature creations. This is something I have always looked to achieve in every commission, a style that is instantly recognisable.

Catherine Beltramini  came to me exactly one year ago, not as a member of any association just wanting to quietly find her own way. I scrutinised her work and could see that she had a real talent, especially with connection with her clients.
In the description I gave in relation to finding a mentor above, Catherine went through the process, she realised my work was something she could relate to, timeless elegant work that will always be sought after.

 Initially, Catherine came for a taster 1 day, liked what she saw that day and extended it to a further two days.

It soon became apparent that Catherine was ready to submit for her Licentiate qualification, the date was set for July 18th 2018, her submission was greatly admired due to the high level of work she had printed through Paul Williams laboratory, so much admiration that Catherine was nominated for the Peter Grugeon award, this is only given to the best of the very best and is indeed an extremely prestigious award. Catherine's submission consisted of 25 portraits, predominantly in natural light.
Below are a selection of portraits from the submission that Catherine achieved her successful result.

Catherine has a very quiet approach with her subjects, making them relax in a very short space of time, she will have captured the soul of her subjects.

Whether it be a location available light setting, or a studio set up Catherine has proved that light is light, if used correctly it will always provide the results that portray character and personality that  she is looking to achieve.

Not one to sit on her laurels, Catherine took the comments that she should consider applying her skills and submitting a panel for Associateship.
The available light skills that she was in possession of came to fruition in her next project, ensuring that the veterans would be portrayed in a quality light situation, within the confines of their homes. This requires a high understanding of light, their patterns and control, never easy in the confines of a home, using just the bare minimum of equipment.This is always the best approach as our clients can be overwhelmed with such a vast array of lighting etcetera.

Catherine placed a great deal of time and effort into this, tracking down of Veterans that would represent the forces that had served their country. This was planned to coincide with the centenary of the celebration of the ending of WW1. 

Catherine set out to create, portraits that would reveal dignity, character, charm, humour and respect for these amazing men that had served their country, and are now living out their lives in peace and quiet, quite a difference from their time at war which must have been terrifying for all concerned, never knowing if they would return home to their families.

Travelling light with one lens , one camera, one light, which for this project was window light and a backdrop, Catherine travelled far and wide, capturing these beautiful images. We decided that a sympathetic tone would be reminiscent of the times. The important part of all this is often in the presentation and printing. this task was once again entrusted to  Paul Williams to carry out.

 A few months later, November 7th 2018, this collection of poignant imagery was the submission that achieved Catherine her Associateship.
Indeed it was remarkable for Catherine to receive her Licentiateship in a relatively short time of becoming a member of the BIPP. To go forward and achieve her Associateship in such a short time span is really a testament to both her commitment to photography and her craft.

More exciting news for Catherine is that she learnt that her collection of work entered in the 2019 awards at the British Institute of Professional Photography has been shortlisted as a finalist.

So, back to the opening paragraph, how long does it take, here is the proof and your answer, hard work, determination and skill will get you through.