Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Contemporary Bridegroom Portrait:

I had a very good friend and fellow photographer who sadly passed away prematurely. His name was Mike Mckenzie, a character if ever there was one , famed as much for his sales ability as his award winning photography.

Mike always said he wanted me to take the photographs at Jason & Stuart's wedding. I photographed Jason's a few years ago. Now it was time for Stuart, he is the youngest and I have known him since he was a 3 year old.

Stuart chose to get married at Avoncroft Museum, Worcester, nothing unusual in that, apart from the fact that this was the last venue Mike ever worked at, in fact Mike became unwell on the day.
One week later, Mike unfortunately died.

So, you can imagine how Stuart was feeling as we wandered around the venue, quiet and contemplative. I wanted to capture that feeling.

Mike always liked dramatic low light and contrast.

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