Thursday, May 31, 2012

Luxury Cruise Portraiture Aboard the Serenity

The month of May this year has been a very exciting and very busy month for me. I was invited to be the Master Photographer in residence aboard the luxury cruise liner, "Crystal Serenity". My background as a fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photographers qualified me to take part in the exclusive Crystal portrait masters program, guests aboard the cruise are able to take advantage of a fellowship level photographer for bespoke portrait commissions.

My wife Julie and I spent a few nights in New York City before setting off on our North Atlantic cruise adventure. The once in a lifetime cruise would take in Rhode Island, Boston, St John's Newfoundland, Reykjavik in Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Norway before finally finishing in Dover.

Though I can't include guests portrait at this stage I have included some of the sights along the way, including the church in Rhode island where Jackie Kennedy and JFK were married on September 12th 1953. Memorable sights I will remember from the 16 day trip were the sailing up the Norwegian fjords, the geysers and dramatic scenery of Iceland. Each day there was something new to see, including killer Whales swimming alongside the ship.

The cruise Julie and I will remember for many years, the level and quality of service aboard the Crystal Serenity was second to none, it was truly a pleasure and a privilege to meet and be able to create unique portraiture for discerning clientele.

I am now looking forward to get back into the full swing of this Summer's wedding and loose the excess few pounds put on as a result of the amazing cuisine prepared by the world class chefs aboard.

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