Friday, May 31, 2013

Axnoller Farm Wedding in Dorset with Armenian Church Wedding Ceremony in London

It was a pleasure to be commissioned to photograph a very unusual wedding ceremony in London at the Armenian Church near Kensington with wedding reception at the beautiful Axnoller Farm in the Dorset village of Beaminster. Dionne and Olivier's wedding was very special as many of their guests travelled from all over the world, some as far away as Australia and Aruba and created a real sense of love and warmth for the day.

The reception was back closer to home amongst some of Dorset's stunning scenery at the exclusive Axnoller Farm near Beaminster. A wonderful day spent with the couple and their families and friends and many opportunities for dramatic and elegant fashion based wedding portraits.


Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Qualifications, Aptitude and Attitude:

Mentoring of Jo Tennant FBIPP:

For those of you that know Jo Tennant, it will come as no surprise to hear that when she applies herself to something, she does it wholeheartedly, no short cuts, it has to be right for her! As well as satisfying the assessors, who can be ultra fussy, yet fair. " Dog with a bone ", springs to mind.

Jo initially asked me to mentor her a few years ago, at the time was Chairman of Awards and Qualifications.

 Her thoughts at the time were to apply in wedding photography at Associate level, over a period of months Jo collated a selection of images for possible inclusion, with a few weeks until decline, Jo had around 16 prints that would have stood her in a position not far from the level of that grade. My opinion was that if she included a few more it would pass as a borderline! That was certainly never going to satisfy Jo, not in her nature to just scrape through.

Jo went away and started a new concept, this gave her something to aim for, precise exposure, composition and studio work resulted in her gaining her Fellowship, incredible detailed edge lighting, very little room for error.

Attitude and Aptitude were applied within her thought process, this resulted in her gaining her coveted and very much deserved Fellowship.

I am attaching words from Jo.


I started working towards an Associateship in weddings four years ago after Kevin Wilson took me under his wing. He must rue the day. It is fair to say that I have procrastinated, I can be somewhat of a perfectionist and despite Kevin pulling 17 photographs out as suitable from the first 25 I sent him I never felt they were good enough and that I should be doing better. Having such an accomplished photographer for a mentor is the greatest blessing and for me personally, the greatest curse. I wanted to achieve, but was scared of failing, or ridiculously, of submitting for critique something less than he might produce. I did not share his, or indeed my clients’ faith in my work. Neither did I want to produce a panel that did not stand out as being authored by me. "

Very well done Jo.

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