Friday, November 29, 2013

Annual BIPP Awards Presentation - Hartwell House, Buckinghamshire - Wednesday 4th December, 2013.

Annual BIPP Awards Presentation - Hartwell House, Buckinghamshire - Wednesday 4th December, 2013. 

Associate nominations for Peter Grugeon:

This years years prestigious awards presentation will be held at Hartwell House, a Grade I listed building owned by the National Trust, appropriately selected to match the BIPP's credentials.  I am incredibly blessed to be in a position to help and inspire photographers to achieve their goals through my mentoring services.  

Each year the assessors select the very best submission at Licentiate level, Associate level and Fellowship.  This is a highly sort after accolade.  The winning submission is awarded the Peter Grugeon Trophy.  Naturally, this award represents the best of the best and highlights incredible photography.  

This year I am fortunate enough to have mentored Angela Vincent from Licentiate to Associate and she has been nominated for this award.  Angela has been mentored by myself for the last 18 months and is a testament to her commitment that she should be nominated for her efforts in wedding photography.  I wish her all the best.

In addition to this, David Wheeler presented his panel for assessment at BIPP headquarters on May 7th 2013, the assessors were highly impressed with both the content and quality of his submission, he was duly awarded his Licentiateship, added to this his panel was then deemed to be good enough for Associateship within the BIPP, this was also then awarded a nomination for the Peter Grugeon award, a testament to the effort and craft he has applied to his work.  David worked with me recently on my editorial documentary Fellowship and acted as my assistant during this project and provided valuable assistance throughout.  Wishing him all the best as well. Being greedy, David did exceedingly well within this years Annual Awards being nominated for the ultimate defining image in the Non-qualified member category with his contemporary bridal party composition by the seaside.  

It is highly unusual to have two nominated for this prestigious award and I am honoured to have mentored both of them.  May the best man or woman win! 

Irrespective of the winner, I am certain that they both realise the importance and prestige bestowed upon them.  

Fellowship nominations for Peter Grugeon:

Once again, there are two nominees for this award.  I am fortunate to have mentored Jo Scott FBIPP.  Jo pursued her qualification in the discipline of Fine Art with an evocative documentary of a Victorian Baths in Manchester currently abandoned and going through a process of restoration.  The laughter and emotion can almost be heard through her representation of an era passed by.  The detail and composition highly impressed the assessors resulting in her receiving her nomination.  It goes without saying that I would like to wish her all the best.  Please say hello to David and Angela, I hope you are sitting together to enjoy this great occasion.  I am truly saddened that I am unable to be there in your hour of triumph, and to share the champagne.  

Finally, 2013 has proven to be a successful year for myself, having gained my fifth Fellowship, this time in Editorial Documentary Portraiture, featuring the wonderful Dorset town of Bridport and its artisans. Surprisingly, I also received the rarely awarded Fox Talbot Trophy for my outstanding contribution to the world of Photography. 
In addition, I also received two awards in the South East regional BIPP awards, both in the wedding category.

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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

David Wheeler ABIPP ( Mentoring )

I first met David one year ago, he started to assist me to gain experience in wedding photography. He was already running a busy successful business on a part time basis.  It soon became very apparent that David bore all the hallmarks of a potentially amazing photographer.

  His ability to work alongside me and some instances off his own back was a tremendous relief for me, particularly as my previous assistant decided to call it a day after 15 years .  At this time David asked about joining a professional association and going full-time.  I suggested that he should join the British Institute of Professional Photography, initially joining as a qualifying member with a view to gaining his licentiate within 6 months.

  Over the ensuing months David attended my training days as an assistant and also doubling up as a model, in addition to accompanying me on my weddings.  Between the two of us we went through his existing work identifying images that would be suitable for a licentiate.  David already having one wedding where he had 10 pictures, which was a great platform to start from.  Once these 10 images were shortlisted it was a case of then setting out a template of requirements to make up the other 10 images for a successful panel.  

Interestingly David already had developed a strong eye for composition, mainly due to his love for landscape photography.  This was fairly easy to combine with his wedding photography.  During the next 10 weddings that David covered we selected 15 strong wedding portraits exhibiting composition, lighting, expression, pose and finesse.  All creations were cropped for impact , then carefully printed by the master printer Paul Williams of Poole in Dorset.   

Presentation was kept with simplicity in mind, this reflected the clean lines David had expertly produced within his work, no need for special effects in photoshop, neither was there any need to rely upon the mounts to enhance his work, it was already present . 

David presented his panel for assessment at BIPP headquarters on May 7th 2013, the assessors were highly impressed with both the content and quality of his submission, he was duly awarded his Licentiateship, added to this his panel was then deemed to be good enough for Associateship within the BIPP, this was also then awarded a nomination for the Peter Grugeon award, a testament to the effort and craft he has applied to his work.

I have been extremely fortunate to have worked with many fine photographers as a Mentor, all having been highly successful, moving through from L - A - and F. 
David will I am pretty certain already having his sights on the coveted F, not too long before that happens if he continues to be as passionate as he currently is.

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Friday, May 31, 2013

Axnoller Farm Wedding in Dorset with Armenian Church Wedding Ceremony in London

It was a pleasure to be commissioned to photograph a very unusual wedding ceremony in London at the Armenian Church near Kensington with wedding reception at the beautiful Axnoller Farm in the Dorset village of Beaminster. Dionne and Olivier's wedding was very special as many of their guests travelled from all over the world, some as far away as Australia and Aruba and created a real sense of love and warmth for the day.

The reception was back closer to home amongst some of Dorset's stunning scenery at the exclusive Axnoller Farm near Beaminster. A wonderful day spent with the couple and their families and friends and many opportunities for dramatic and elegant fashion based wedding portraits.


Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Qualifications, Aptitude and Attitude:

Mentoring of Jo Tennant FBIPP:

For those of you that know Jo Tennant, it will come as no surprise to hear that when she applies herself to something, she does it wholeheartedly, no short cuts, it has to be right for her! As well as satisfying the assessors, who can be ultra fussy, yet fair. " Dog with a bone ", springs to mind.

Jo initially asked me to mentor her a few years ago, at the time was Chairman of Awards and Qualifications.

 Her thoughts at the time were to apply in wedding photography at Associate level, over a period of months Jo collated a selection of images for possible inclusion, with a few weeks until decline, Jo had around 16 prints that would have stood her in a position not far from the level of that grade. My opinion was that if she included a few more it would pass as a borderline! That was certainly never going to satisfy Jo, not in her nature to just scrape through.

Jo went away and started a new concept, this gave her something to aim for, precise exposure, composition and studio work resulted in her gaining her Fellowship, incredible detailed edge lighting, very little room for error.

Attitude and Aptitude were applied within her thought process, this resulted in her gaining her coveted and very much deserved Fellowship.

I am attaching words from Jo.


I started working towards an Associateship in weddings four years ago after Kevin Wilson took me under his wing. He must rue the day. It is fair to say that I have procrastinated, I can be somewhat of a perfectionist and despite Kevin pulling 17 photographs out as suitable from the first 25 I sent him I never felt they were good enough and that I should be doing better. Having such an accomplished photographer for a mentor is the greatest blessing and for me personally, the greatest curse. I wanted to achieve, but was scared of failing, or ridiculously, of submitting for critique something less than he might produce. I did not share his, or indeed my clients’ faith in my work. Neither did I want to produce a panel that did not stand out as being authored by me. "

Very well done Jo.

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

 Can It Get Any Better?

Throughout my career, I have constantly pushed myself to be one of the best, or the best I could possibly be.

I have set my standards high and aimed for the pinnacle within the social photography business.

By doing this, I have received just about every single award and qualification in Wedding & Portraiture.

In turn I have passed on my skills and given my expertise to those that have sought help for their own development. Many many have gone on and achieved their Fellowship's , Associateship and Licentiateship.

In 2012 I was awarded Hon F by Chris Harper from BIPP , presented in a way that was so special, I had no idea of what was to happen that moment, until Hilary called my name, I turned around and she was holding a tray of champagne, moments like that are savoured.

This week I was presented with possibly one of the highest accolades ever, " The Fox Talbot Award " .

Never in a million years did I ever expect to be associated with the famous man himself, I am certain my contribution to photography will never be recognised as such, but what a beautiful accolade.

A special thank you to Chris and Hilary Harper for making this happen.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Milton Abbey Workshop, Dorset May 29th.
Registration 9.30am

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Year in Mentoring. Photographic Training by Kevin Wilson FBIPP

One of my greatest pleasures is sharing my love for photography and seeing new generations of photographers succeed and go on to achieve at the highest levels in our industry. These past 12 months have been some of the most rewarding, having mentored 20 photographers, 11 of which have achieved Fellowship status within the BIPP and a further 9 achieving their Associateship.

Fellowship and Associateship in themselves are high awards that reflect the high quality of work each photographer has produced, a very select few have gone on to be short-listed for the prestigious Peter Grugeon Trophy, ultimately just one such award will be made at Fellowship level and another at Associateship level each year for the best submission.

What has been great to see is the dedication of all those involved, working with each photographer to share my expertise and encourage each to push themselves along their chosen path. I have selected images from just some of these photographers that show a little of the depth and diversity in their individual styles and chosen subject matter.

On a personal note I am proud and delighted to have received an honorary Fellowship within the BIPP in addition to my recent Fellowship in documentary portraiture.

There are more images to come in a future blog entry but I wanted to share with you just some of the images, each image below listed with the photographers name along with their award.

Image by Kevin Pengelly, Fellowship BIPP (wedding)

Image by Jacqui Matthews, Fellowship BIPP (wedding)

Image by Rebecca Portsmouth, Fellowship BIPP (fine art)

Image by Rebecca Northway, Associateship BIPP (environmental photography)

Image by Tom Redman, Associateship BIPP (wedding)

Image by James Musselwhite, Associateship BIPP (portraiture)

Image by Emily Hancock, Fellowship BIPP (fine art)

Image by Lisa Visser, Fellowship BIPP (portraiture)

Image by Paul Wilkinson, Fellowship BIPP (portraiture)

Image by Chris Harper, Hon FBIPP, Fellowship (fitness photography)

Please visit Kevin Wilson Photographic Training for more information on photographic mentoring on a one-to-one basis with Kevin and his upcoming photographic training courses.

Rebecca Northway ABIPP was kind enough share her thoughts!

"I initially invested in a one to one mentoring session with Kevin, as I felt it would be beneficial to achieving Licentiateship with the BIPP.

Less than a year later, with Kevin's guidance I not only achieved my Licentiateship, but also my Associateship. I am a finalist in the BIPP South West Region awards, and have been nominated for the highest accolade in the BIPP, The Peter Grugeon Award.

With his training, and thus falling back in love with what I do, I made back my investment in just one portrait shoot. But more so, finally feel I am on the path I always dreamed to be on."

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