Friday, November 29, 2013

Annual BIPP Awards Presentation - Hartwell House, Buckinghamshire - Wednesday 4th December, 2013.

Annual BIPP Awards Presentation - Hartwell House, Buckinghamshire - Wednesday 4th December, 2013. 

Associate nominations for Peter Grugeon:

This years years prestigious awards presentation will be held at Hartwell House, a Grade I listed building owned by the National Trust, appropriately selected to match the BIPP's credentials.  I am incredibly blessed to be in a position to help and inspire photographers to achieve their goals through my mentoring services.  

Each year the assessors select the very best submission at Licentiate level, Associate level and Fellowship.  This is a highly sort after accolade.  The winning submission is awarded the Peter Grugeon Trophy.  Naturally, this award represents the best of the best and highlights incredible photography.  

This year I am fortunate enough to have mentored Angela Vincent from Licentiate to Associate and she has been nominated for this award.  Angela has been mentored by myself for the last 18 months and is a testament to her commitment that she should be nominated for her efforts in wedding photography.  I wish her all the best.

In addition to this, David Wheeler presented his panel for assessment at BIPP headquarters on May 7th 2013, the assessors were highly impressed with both the content and quality of his submission, he was duly awarded his Licentiateship, added to this his panel was then deemed to be good enough for Associateship within the BIPP, this was also then awarded a nomination for the Peter Grugeon award, a testament to the effort and craft he has applied to his work.  David worked with me recently on my editorial documentary Fellowship and acted as my assistant during this project and provided valuable assistance throughout.  Wishing him all the best as well. Being greedy, David did exceedingly well within this years Annual Awards being nominated for the ultimate defining image in the Non-qualified member category with his contemporary bridal party composition by the seaside.  

It is highly unusual to have two nominated for this prestigious award and I am honoured to have mentored both of them.  May the best man or woman win! 

Irrespective of the winner, I am certain that they both realise the importance and prestige bestowed upon them.  

Fellowship nominations for Peter Grugeon:

Once again, there are two nominees for this award.  I am fortunate to have mentored Jo Scott FBIPP.  Jo pursued her qualification in the discipline of Fine Art with an evocative documentary of a Victorian Baths in Manchester currently abandoned and going through a process of restoration.  The laughter and emotion can almost be heard through her representation of an era passed by.  The detail and composition highly impressed the assessors resulting in her receiving her nomination.  It goes without saying that I would like to wish her all the best.  Please say hello to David and Angela, I hope you are sitting together to enjoy this great occasion.  I am truly saddened that I am unable to be there in your hour of triumph, and to share the champagne.  

Finally, 2013 has proven to be a successful year for myself, having gained my fifth Fellowship, this time in Editorial Documentary Portraiture, featuring the wonderful Dorset town of Bridport and its artisans. Surprisingly, I also received the rarely awarded Fox Talbot Trophy for my outstanding contribution to the world of Photography. 
In addition, I also received two awards in the South East regional BIPP awards, both in the wedding category.

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